Why Have A Keyholder ?

When your property is not in use how do you know if there is a water leak, power outage or break in ? You might even arrive and have forget your keys? Hopefully none of these things will ever happen but they happen to someone every day. There are many reasons why you should have a keyholder whilst owning a home abroad. Mar Menor Property Care And Sales provide Keyholding Keyholder Management Services At  Mar Menor Golf Resort And Santa Rosalia.

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Your property is valuable and needs looking after. We have your best interests at heart making sure your valuable assets are taken care of. God forbid if there is an issue we have a reliable, reasonably priced, legal working maintenance team at hand. As I am sure you know over the last few years Spain has had its fair share of storms ( gota fria ) bringing heavy rain with a vengeance. Without a keyholder how would you know if your property is safe? For a mere 25 Euro a month we act as a keyholder.

We visit our properties every week when the property is vacant to carry out routine checks. Our keyholding keyholder Management Services can be tailored to suit you. We alert the owner to issues before they become problems allowing you to relax and know your property is in safe hands.

Mar Menor Property Care And Sales are providing Keyholding Keyholder Services At Mar Menor Golf Resort and Santa Rosalia Lake Resort

There are many keyholder services to choose from. When we first bought our property on Mar Menor Golf Resort, we found it very difficult to find someone reliable and trustworthy. No doubt there are some people around who offer keyholder services in the are but we couldn't find anyone so we set up the service ourselves.

Choosing someone you can trust is vital. You need access to the keys for your property quickly and at the time where you need them. We are located on the Mar Menor Golf Resort so really couldn't be better located for you. We also offer services such as airport pickup and lock boxes so your visitors will be able to get the key to the property when they need it.

If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you. Please fill in our contact form or call us and we will be happy to help !!